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How to Measure

How to Measure for Replacement Knobs and Pulls

OK, so you have an old dresser that you picked up for a great price at a flea market. You've refinished it, found the perfect spot to put it and are absolutely thrilled with your find. The one problem is that it's missing a pull or two. One of the most common calls we get is asking if we have a specific pull that came off a dresser that's a 100 years or so old. Would love to say we do, but it's rare to find the exact pull. There were many manufacturers of furniture hardware and they each had their own styles. Antique Hardware & More carries a lot pulls and knobs that were common during the last century so it's always worth looking for a match. If not, you may have to find a new style.

Measuring for Drawer Pulls and Handles
WILL IT FIT????? That is the question you need to ask yourself when picking out drawer pulls and handles. You need to measure from the center of one mounting hole to the other. The measurement you get is often referred to as 'on center', 'centers' or 'boring' which can make it seem way more complcated than it is.
Drop Pull Measurement image
The most common size by far is 3". Other sizes that come up a lot are 2", 2 1/2" and 3 1/2" as well as 4". Antique Hardware & More does have pulls in each of those sizes as well as a few other less common ones. 

Measuring for Knobs
As for knobs, there are two things to you need to look at. One is the diameter which is simply how wide the knob is at it's widest point. The same for the diameter of the back plate if one is included. The second measurement that you need to look at is the projection which is how far it sticks out from the front on the drawer or door. Most of the projections are pretty standard. You just want to make sure you can comfortable get a grip on it to open the door/drawer.

Measuring for Back Plates