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Hat and Coat Hooks

Coat hooks, hat hooks, wardrobe hooks, iron hooks, brass hooks...we have them all. What truly makes a home unique are the smaller, finer points.  It is the details that set a home apart.  Those details are the small things, like the hardware that is used throughout the home, the little things like antique hooks, knobs, and pulls.

 Simple and functional pieces like hooks and hangers can easily be overlooked in the home.  The truth is, however, that attention to such a small detail really shows your love of your home (or office) and your overall décor.  When you choose to go the route of the common and readily available, it shows.  But when you choose to take care in these finer points, your home or living space truly begins to shine.

 At Antique Hardware & More, we have a love of all things old.  Antique hardware captured beauty in many ways, and brought that beauty to the home with a care and attention to all things.  And now we have brought that love of historical beauty to you with all of our antique and reproduction antique hardware products.

 We offer a wide selection of unique antique hardware, including door knobs and antique furniture parts, but this page we've devoted to our unique selection of antique hooks.  These we offer in a variety of styles, some plain and simple, some highly detailed, and all beautiful in their own right. 

On this page you will find a complete selection of antique and vintage hooks suitable for many purposes.  Our antique hooks selection includes:

 •        Reproduction/Antique brass hooks

•        Vintage brass hooks

•        Antique iron hooks

 Some are completely cast pieces, including a selection of cast brass hooks, and some are combination pieces, like the cast brass hooks with porcelain that are shown.

 In addition, our antique iron hooks and antique brass hooks are available in different finishes.  We have vintage brass wall hooks with antique finishes as well as vintage brass wall hooks and antique iron hooks with natural finishes.  The different finishes lend you the ability to better match the antique hooks you choose to your home's décor by color preference.

 For an older home, a newly restored home, or a new construction that looks to capture the uniqueness of vintage home accents, vintage style antique hooks are one final touch among many.  Shop on this page to choose the antique brass hooks and antique iron hooks to beautifully suit your needs, and then visit our other pages to complete the look with antique door knobs, cabinet pulls, furniture pieces, and more.

Should you find that you need help in ordering or have a question about any product, please use the link below and we will be happy to assist you.

Product Image Item Name- Price
Coat and Hat Hook HK-102

Coat and Hat Hook HK-102

HK-102 is a decorative cast brass front mount coat hook with a bottom hat hook. The overall measurements are  6-3/8"high with  3-5/8" projection.  The base is...