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Stamped Steel Trunk Ornament T-138

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T-138 is a stamped steel rosette trunk decoration. 

The rosette measures 1 7/8" in diameter.  These rosettes are most commonly mounted with a trunk nail through the center of the rosette.  The rosette does not come with a center hole to allow for other mounting options.  If you are mounting the decoration via a nail through it, then we recommend making a pilot hole prior to attaching it to your trunk.

These antique trunk ornaments were found on many styles of vintage trunks. Often items, two or more would be included on the lid of the trunk for decoration. We have also found them useful to cover up flaws on an old trunk or if there is trunk hardware missing that is not going to be replaced. These items can also be painted to match the body of your antique trunk or you may want to consider painting them a contrasting color for a bit of wow factor.  Another option is even to rust them if you are trying to match existing ones.  Before painting or rusting them, it's important to wash them with soap and water to remove a light coating of protective oil.


  • Manufactured by: Antique Hardware & More LLC