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T-232NL Jenny Lind or Saratogo Decorative Trunk Nail

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T-232NL is the Jenny Lind or Saratoga Decorative trunk nail.  The nail portion is 1" long and the head is 3/4" in diameter.

One dozen nails per bag.  Price is per bag.

While this style of decorative nail is often referred to as being in the Jenny Lind or Saratoga Trunk style, it was a commonly used design on many types of trunks that fall into neither category. Jenny Link trunks were names after a popular singer in the 1800's and were popular in the 1850s through 1860s. The unique hallmark of this style of trunk was it's side profile. While there was some variation, the shape of the trunk resembled either a slide of bread or a keyhole. The same sake of the Saratoga trunk is the Saratoga Springs resort in New York. It was a popular destination in the latter part of the 1800's for the very wealthy. When visiting the resort, they traveled with the largest and most ornate of the era's trunks which resulted in them being known and Saratoga Trunks.

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  • Manufactured by: WSI Distributors