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Banding for Trunks 10' T-1-58

Price: $7.99

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T-158 is a 10' roll of heavy .031 gage trunk banding done in a black finish.   The width of the banding is 1 1/4".

Antique trunk metal banding was frequently used on trunks at the bottom of the trunk and to cover the seam where the trunk lid and body meet. Trunk banding can also be found on the body of trunks used both vertically and horizontally and is used both for decoration as well as structural support. Our steel trunk banding is made from a heavy gage steel. We recommending bending it to shape using either a vice or two pieces of wood. The trunk banding will hold its shape. To attach the trunk banding to the body of your antique trunk, we recommend either drilling small holes to nail through using a hole punch to create the holes. Out trunk tacks work well attaching the banding to the body of the trunk.

Please note that the banding expands quickly one the packing tape is removed.   We highly recommend placing the banding in a box before the tape is removed to ensure that nothing is damage as it unrolls. 

  • Manufactured by: Antique Hardware & More LLC