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T-101 Brass Plated Trunk Handle End Cap (pair)

Price: $1.98

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T-101 is a pair of brass plated steel end cap.

Opening is 1 1/4" wide, 1 7/16" deep, Overall dimension is 2 1/4" wide by 2 3/16" high. Opening height is 7/16".

This end caps work well with the handles and -104 and T-105 as well as T-279, T-280 nd T-282.

The end caps are sold by the pair only.  One pair is required to mount one handle.  If you need to mount two handles, then you will need two pairs.  

A long trunk nail or tack (provided) is placed through the center hole in this trunk handle cover or cap, through the handle and then is embedded in the antique trunk's body. They end of the trunk tack is then bent over to a 90 degree angle to firmly attach the leather trunk handle to the body.

Not the color you are looking for?  Not a problem.  Prep the pieces with a thorough sanding then be sure to clean off all of the debris.  After the prep is done, use the paint of your choice.  Spray paint is our favorite.  Once the final coat of paint is dry, we recommend a clear coat of something like a polyurethane to protect the finish.  

  • Manufactured by: Ohio Travel Bag