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Leather Trunk Handle in Black No Slots T-104BNS

Price: $7.59

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T-104BNS is made from two high quality pieces of leather and cut and machine stitched together with a durable threading.   Our local Amish community is home to a number of skilled leather workers with years of experience making and repairing saddles and tack.  Their talents are demonstrated in these high quality handles

Overall measurements are 8 5/8" long by 1 3/16" wide by 5/16" thick.

T-104 is our best selling leather trunk handle. If you don't have an existing trunk handle to measure, measure the distance between the existing handle loops or where the handles loops had been attached, and add on to that measurement enough so that your handle can easily slip between the handle and the trunk. If you choose a trunk handle that does not come with a mounting slot, then your handle will maintain it's shape when mounted. For this type of handle, we recommend drilling a small pilot hole for the attaching hardware.

Trunk end caps and handle loops are how trunk handles are secured to the trunk body.  Both functional and decorative, our selection will provide you with the perfect accent for your trunk or case.


  • Manufactured by: Antique Hardware & More LLC