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T-209L Large Recessed Trunk Roller

Price: $8.99

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Trunks were built to be moved so often came with wheels to ease the load.  Our T-109 and T-109L are a style is commonly seen on antique trunks.  T-109L is made of plain steel and measures 2" long by 1" wide.  The roller itself measures 3/4" in diameter and is 13/16" wide. 

Each of these rollers or casters supports up to 20 pounds.  If you are looking to put one on each corner of your trunk, then the total weight load would be 80 pounds. 

These trunk rollers or wheels are made to be recessed into the bottom of your trunk so that they are not seen.  Each roller comes with installation screws.

  • Manufactured by: WSI Distributors